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The iSingWorship app is available for free on the following platforms

Click on the appropiate icon or link to download. Each app includes access to some free preview songs. Use these to see how iSingWorship works for you.

Android (beta)

Please Note:

To install on Windows 10 you will need to go past Windows Defender SmartScreen by clicking on "More Info" and then clicking "Run anyway".

To install on macOS you will need to go to the "System Settings" app and to "Security & Privacy" then click on "Open Anyway" beside iSingWorship.

To install on Android you will first need to go to the "Settings" app and to "Security" then make sure allow "Unknown sources" is ticked.

These apps are being updated frequently (see release notes below). If you find any issues please visit our support pages, which contain information about the app and how to contact us.

New versions will be published here. To download the latest version click on the appropriate icon above.

Release Notes

Version 2.1.131

Version 1.7.130

Version 1.7.128

Version 1.7.127

Version 1.7.126

Version 1.7.123

Version 1.7.122

Version 1.7.117

Version 1.7.116

Version 1.7.115

Version 1.7.113

Version 1.7.112

Version 1.7.110

Version 1.6.95

Version 1.6.90 (Android only)

Version 1.6.86

Version 1.6.83

Version 1.6.82

Version 1.6.81

Version 1.6.80

Version 1.6.79

Version 1.6.76

Version 1.6.69

Version 1.6.68

Version 1.6.67

Version 1.6.65

Version 1.6.64

Version 1.6.60

Version 1.6.59

Version 1.6.58

Version 1.6.57

Version 1.6.56

Version 1.6.55

Version 1.6.54

Version 1.6.53

Version 1.6.52

Version 1.6.51

Version 1.6.50

Version 1.6.48

Version 1.6.47

Version 1.6.45

Version 1.6.44

Version 1.6.42

Version 1.6.41

Version 1.6.40

Version 1.6.39

Version 1.6.38

Version 1.6.37

Version 1.6.36

Version 1.6.35

Version 1.6.34

Version 1.6.32